The method defines the result

Weather Stations

Environmental monitoring supply a range of professional weather monitoring systems

The basic monitoring system monitors

  • Wind Direction (rose chart format)
  • Wind speed

In addition to this additional sensor can be added on an monitored remotely.

Weather Station

The key specifications of LeNET mobile are:

  • Digital Inputs : 8 digital input ports, configurable for various anemometers and digital signals
  • Analogue Inputs : 6 analogue input ports, configurable for various wind vanes and sensors
  • Wireless : uses Cellular (GSM) network
  • Power Source : Batteries, Solar panel, or power supply unit
  • Online server : All data is stored on Logic Energy server (LeSense) where it can be analysed, Manipulated and downloaded in useful ways
  • Micro SD card : for the backup of useful collected data and for configuration setting

Reporting Information

Wind Report


Results for Wind Report