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Stack Emissions(Particulate)

Environmental Monitoring is a specialist in the field of Particulate Monitoring by Isokinetic and Non-Isokinetic Techniques.

Environmental Monitoring supplies:

  • Millennium Instruments Full Isokinetic Samplers and Support Equipment
  • Stackmite Isokinetic Sampler
  • Low Flow Samplers
  • Automatic Isokinetic Samplers

Isokinetic Systems consist of Nozzles- Swan Necked Available in Titanium,Stainless Steel, Glass and Quartz.

Filter Holders

Filter Holders- 47mm, 85-90mm, in Glass, PTFE, Stainless and Titanium.



Probes- Heated Probes with Various Changeable Liners, Titanium, Stainless Steel and Quartz.

Oven Boxes

Oven Boxes

Oven Boxes- Thermocouple Controlled Oven with AUX Power Out

Hibbs Supports

Hibbs Supports- Support for Oven Box. Suspension Points for Mono Rail.

Impinger Buckets

Impinger Buckets

Impinger Buckets choice of 4, 6 or 8 Impinger Buckets.

Impinger Outlets

Impinger Outlets

Impinger Outlets. Connection between Impingers and Umbilical, includes Non-Return Valve.


Umbilicals- Choice of 10m,15m,20m and 30m lengths contain Thermocouple Connections, Power, Pitot and Sample Tubes.

Control Console

Isokinetic Control Console

Control Console- Full Isokinetic Controller

  • Dual Inclined Manometer
  • Dual Heater Controller
  • Hi Flow 60lpm Pump

Hi Volume Gas Meter meets:

  • BSEN13284
  • ISO 9096
  • USEPA M5