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Radiation Monitors

Environmental Monitoring are able to offer a range of high quality radiation monitors that cover the major range of radiation emissions. This includes:

  • X-Ray
  • Gamma
  • Beta
  • Alpha Radiation
Radiation Monitoring

Description and Specification

  • The yellow unit - model 201is an alpha beta and gamma monitor
  • The detector is a single thin window geiger muller tube
  • The display is both bargraph and digital numeric displaying in CPS orBq/cm2
  • Battery life is typically 100 hrs , with 4hrs remaining at 2lo batt indication" point
  • Weight - approx 1 kg
  • complies with Eu directive 2004/108/EC

This unit is very useful especially to workers with no specific training in radiation exposure monitoring

The display indicates a man with a visual indication of the dose recieved in terms of the body fillingwith colour respective to the dose recieved

Radiation detected includes: X-rays and gamma rays in the range 33KeV to 1332KeV

Peak radiation dose rate 0-100mSv/h

Case: shock vibration and drop resistant

Units #sieverts or REm

Hazardousarea - Atex approves for zones 0,1 and 2