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Portable Fids

Portable FIDS


MicroFID intrinsically safe flame ionisation detector.

The Photovac MicroFID as supplied by Environmental Monitoring is currently the only uk serviced portable FID in the market which is intrinsically safe.

The detector has a useable range of 0-50,000 ppm as methane (5%).It is a very simple to use unit with- auto igntion, digital display, tutorial guide button. Readings can be in both ppm and mg/m3 as methane. The top of the internal gas cylinder is simple . Just connect the FID to your refil cylinder using the fill hose supplied with the kit.

It is recommended that for longer term use or for overseas jobs that the fuel gas( hydrogen) is purchased seperately.

Specifications of MicroFIDs

Cylinder Capacity Approx.8 hrs
Battery Capacity Approx.12hrs
Detection Limit0.5ppm
Data Logging750 pts
SafetyClass 1 Division 1
Response TimeLess Than 3 secs

Gastec mkV

Gastec mkV

The Gastec mkV is the very latest in portable FIDs.

This unit has a 40 hr capacity on a full charge and gas bottle and is supplied complete with Internal Data Logger and GPS Monitor.

GasTec FID

The Gastec FID mkiv is the simplest to use most basic portable FID. It has an easy to read Analogue Dial and is Supplied Ready Calibrated with a Certifcate and Fuel Gas. The kit supplied comes with a Use of Fuel Gas, a Battery Charger and an Extension Probe. Whilst the unit does not data log there is an Output for a Logger and Environmental Monitoring is happy to supply an Optional Logger. This unit is most commonly used for Landfill Walkover Surveys, Paint Spray Booth Monitoring and Figitive Non-Hazardous Emissions.


Mini RAE Pid

Mini Rae 3000 & Mini Rae 2000 hire @ £150/wk

Specifications of PIDs

Battery Life16hrs
Data Logging6months at 1min Intervals
Range15,000 ppm