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Pitot Tubes & Velocity

Pitot Tubes and Velocity

A range of tools ideal for airflow, wind speed measurement on wind turbine farms, in accordance with environmental monitoring impact assesment EC97/11/EC the equipmentis also suitable for ventilation ducts, paint spray booths and general flow monitoring.

This tools are ideally used in conjunction with our wind speed and wind direction tools and our dust and noise monitoring instruments.

A fantastic lightweight compact and versatile standard pitot and dp reader.


  • Measuring Range: 0.15 to3.0m/s and 3.1 to30m/s
  • Battery life:8hrs plus
  • Weight 190g
  • Dimensions 147 x 50 x 34(mm)
  • case: IP 54 rated
  • Cable length: 2m
  • Operating Temp: 0-50 ℃


When using a hotwire anenometer from Environmental Monitoring it is important to remember a few things. Do not use the hot wire in environments which are heavly mositure laden.

This will cause the hotwire to malfunction.

Do not use it in hazardous areas.

With regards to measring any velocity be aware what you are actually measuring. You can do this by refering to the standard equation for velocity which looks at a number of this basic items and corrects for gas density and moisture.

The hotwire anemeometer does not do this things and therefore makes some basic assumptions. Nevertheless it is a useful monitoring tool. For a more accurate and robust device consider a pitot tube and differential pressure manometer.