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Combustion Analyser

Optima 7

The Optima 7 is a very useful compact electrochemical cell monitor of modern design.

The standard base model is equipped with an Oxygen(O2) sensor and other cells are added. Up to six different cells can be added to the O2 cells offering a total of 7 cells for monitoring different gases

User Requirements

The unit meets the users requirements on many levels:

  • It can be fitted with a total of seven cells including Oxygen and any of these ( low NO,NO,NO2,Low CO,CO,SO2 and h3S
  • It is very simple to use and download data
  • Finally it is amazingly compact and lightweight being only 110x 225 x 52 mm and weighing only750g

What you get

The unit equipped with an O2 cell plus your required cells, a rechargeable internal Ni-Hm battery, a usb charger, integrated temperature and pressure meaurements within the unit. An ingenious water trap to protect the unit, complete with filter mini USB and usb cable, SD card slot, IRDA infra red output, intergrated magnet, calibration certificate, instruction manual and one year guarrantee.

This unit is an idela companion to the new simple sample isokinetic dust sampler.

Cells to select with cell ranges:

020-21%0.1% resolution
O0-10000ppm1ppm res h3 compensated
Low Co0-300ppm0.1ppm res
CO0-2000ppm1ppm res
low NO0-300ppm0.1ppm

Difference Pressure300mbar(HPa)

When the Infrared cell for CO2 is not purchased the unit calculates CO2.

The unit also calculates Heat loss, Excess air, Efficiencies, Flue gas dew point.