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Bio Aerosol Isokinetic Monitoring

Bio Aerosol Isokinetic Diagram

Environmental Monitoring are able to Hire and Sell our own design Bio Aerosol Isokinetic Monitoring.

Our equipment is designed to be used with US EPA Samplers, Stackmite Samplers and new Thiedeman Samplers.Our systems comply with VDI 4257 Blatt 2 Part 2.

The Environmental Montoring version of equipment consists of:

  • 1 x set of Nozzles (Glass, Stainless or Titanium).
  • 1 x Probe with choice of Liners. Each Probe has a Heating Option, a Pitot Tube, K Type Thermocouple,which links directly back to the Control Console.

The Back End of the Probe is Closed Coupled to the Main Impinger and thereafter the Sample Train is connected to the Main Sample Train by way of a Impinger outlet with Non-Return Valve.

When Sampling under Isokinetic Conditions, Environmental Monitoring applies its normal set of Isokinetic Calculations.

If you are not Familiar with the Setup of and Operation of Isokinetic Sampling Equipment,then EM can offer Training and onsite Assistance for a Reasonable Fee.