The method defines the result

Ambient Air Quality

The Measurement of ambient air quality generally involves the quantification of Dust ( total suspended particulate (tsp) and pm10, pm2.5 respirable dust Fractions) and Gas ( particularly NO2 and NO, SO2, CO and CO2 as well as VOC).

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Can be measured by simple and advanced techniques. The basic methods includes:

The Frisbee Gauge

Frisbee Gauge

The frisbee has a collection head- frisbee A tripod, with a tube and collection bottle Deposited dust is washed in to the bottle Post test the bottle is filtered through a Pre weighed filter.

The Bergerhoff Gauge

Bergerhoff Gauge

This is very similar to the frisbee gauge.A collection bottle sits on top of a pole.

Directional Dust Flux Gauge

Directional Flux Gauge